TMS-RGB → Installation Service

Ship your system to someone for installation

There are a few members of the modding community that offer full-service installations for mods like this one. It can be scary sending your beloved classic hardware through the mail, but this is often the easiest way to get a great result. These modders have the experience and tools to do the job right.

Pros of using an installation service

  • Requires no skills, tools, or time on your part.
  • The installer's experience level means this is usually the lowest risk way to update your hardware.
  • The work often includes a warranty.
  • It's a great opportunity to have additional mods—like recapping, installing anti-static protection on the joystick ports, or replacing other fickle components like the power switch or video RAM—performed at the same time.

Cons of using an installation service

  • There is always a small risk of a package getting lost or damaged in transit.
  • A full-service install (especially with shipping) will cost more than doing it yourself.

Modders offering full-service TMS-RGB installation

  • Ruggers Customs (US) – They specialize in "no cut" modding, which leaves the outside of your system intact (no holes drilled) and the internal changes completely reversible. (Added July-2020)
  • Ivory Tower Collections (US) – Can also be contacted on Facebook. (Added August-2020)
  • (EU) – Offering installs from Greece. (Added January-2021)
  • Bytes Free (UK) – Console modding & repair service in Bristol, England. (Added December-2022)

Modders: If you'd like to appear in this list, please let me know.

Users: If you think someone should be removed from this list (a link is dead, the business appears to be closed, no response to inquiries, you were told they no longer offer this service, etc.), please let me know.