TMS-RGB → DIY Install

Buy an assembled board and install it yourself.

TMS-RGB was designed to be easy to install without much risk to your system. It doesn't take much more than a soldering iron (with minimal soldering skill) and a little patience.

The mod is very flexible when it comes to your choice of output cables and jacks, but some of those choices may require different output resistors when the board is assembled. Be sure to read the Install Guide first and order a board with the correct output components for your cable.

Pros of installing it yourself

  • It costs the least.
  • It can be fun/satisfying to mod your own hardware.

Cons of installing it yourself

  • While there isn't much skill required, these systems are very old and are becoming easier to damage all the time. There is an inherent risk anytime you open the case.

People offering pre-assembled TMS-RGB kits

Kit builders: If you'd like to appear in this list, please let me know.

Users: If you think someone should be removed from this list (a link is dead, the business appears to be closed, no response to inquiries, you were told they no longer sell these, etc.), please let me know.